Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Malkin panic mode in full effect

Wow, could people overreact a little bit more? Even Spector, possibly the first hockey blogger I ever followed along with Mirtle, threw more logs on the fire by saying "he hasn't scored in 5 games."

True. He hasn't scored ... a goal. Just four assists.

There's no denying that Evgeni Malkin is struggling, but let's calm down a bit people. He scored a ton of points to start the series in Philadelphia and then slowed down, but he's still on a point per game pace in the playoffs. He took a bad penalty and had a bad game 2 but so did most of the non-Crosby Pens. Give him a little time (and hopefully some improved play from his ghost of a line mate Sykora) and everything should be fine.

Let's wait a few more games before we attach some goat horns.

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